How to host your game server?

Hello everyone,

I and a friend are making a little multiplayer game and now come to the part of prototyping. Since the game will be multiplayer only we searched for good networking models and decided to use an authoritative server.
Since UE4 is just perfect for working with authoritative servers we decided us to use it as our engine of choice.

Coming from Unity I am not a total beginner but in terms of multiplayer and networking I don’t have that much experience.

What leads me to my main question:

How can I host my server? We want to integrate a ELO system and matchmaking and don’t have any ideas how this works.

We know that we are far away from hosting our own server but we want to inform us as good as possible before putting alot of effort into something that can’t even work.

this may help you. Sorry for the very late reply but no one else has replied. I came across your Forum post on google and this is what i have found. since i am in the middle of developing my own game my self i am too looking for some good software. You could also check out Amazon’s Game Lift System. it’s a little on the Pricy side but it gets the Job Done…

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