How to hit a enemy character without making him move to the side after each hit?

Hello, i want to know how to stop making move a enemy character after each hit.

Every time i hit the enemy actor that i made with a projectile. he move to the side and i want to know how can i stop it Thank you.

I don’t know if that will be usefull but i use this tuto for make it Shooting And Killing Our Enemy AI | Shooter Minigame Part 5 - Unreal Engine Tutorial - YouTube

Hi there,
This odd behavior is generally caused by collision between projectile “collision sphere” and enemy capsule (“pawn”). Check if your projectile has collision sphere the blocks “pawn”.


Thanks for the answer.
Actually yes, (if i understand the answer) but it still doing the push on the enemy…

Perhaps the problem is in the projectile blueprint. Are you applying impulse at projectile impact?

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Sry to respond you that late.

Apply impulse on damage ? yes

here’s the problem on video with all the bullet settings unknown_2022.08.03-11.40_clip_1.mp4 - Google Drive

Hi there,
No problem, thanks for sharing that video. In time 0:10, your collision settings are not ideal for projectiles hitting character capsules: Wordstatic and Block Pawn. This is equivalent to throwing rocks at very high speed and your enemy is not simulating physics on impact (using ragdoll techniques). So, try to change your the settings of your “sphere” component (the sphere collision) to World Dynamic and Overlap Pawn. Then, change your hit event to On begin overlap.

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Sadly, i thought the problem was finish but after a little time i see that the bullet just don’t come out.
did you tell me to put my hit event on (Component Begin Overlap) or i don’t understand ? thx

Hi there,
If your bullet is not even coming out, is because is overlapping your player’s capsule. So, you can counter this with Get Ignore Actor when moving from the firing logic (Player)

You want to change you hit detection logic to consider the sphere collision “overlapping” the enemy, so that will avoid those bumps. To do that, select the sphere collision and right click, add event on begin overlap, so you build your hit logic from there. If your sphere is set to overlap “pawns”, meaning character’s capsule collision, that should work.

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Thanks i think it worked, thx for your time and your answers.

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Glad it helped. Keep up the good work.

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