How to highlight Inventory Object by clicking it?


I want to make a highlight around the slot I click in my inventory widget. I can simply put a button under it and change the color but I want it to reset color after clicking another slot. I use a widget bp for slots and multiply them in a slot panel on another widget bp for inventory.

And what exactly you got trouble with?

OnClick → Reset Highlight on Last Clicked Button (+ isValid Check)-> Highlight Clicked button → Set Last Clicked Button to the one you clicked.

Also there are 2 Events you might want to look into. OnFocusRecived and OnFocusLost.

Thanks. I will try those events.

The problem is I am trying to change color from Slot Widget BP. I create an event on click and change the color of the button from transparent to a shiny orange. But after I click another slot I don’t have access to highlighted one to make it transparent again.

Yes thats why I told you to store the last Clicked one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or play around with the Focus events.