How to highlight areas in start menu

Hello everyone, I would like to create a start menu in UE4 where it shows the whole map ( lets say a city ) from up top, and when you hover over a district ( in that city ) it would be highlighted and some text appears on the side and when clicked you teleports to that place and start moving, so basically what i’m looking for is:

  1. limited camera movement on start menu, so when you hover on district the camera moves slightly to make it centered
  2. how to highlight the space or district when hovering on it, and some text to appear beside it
  3. teleporting to other camera on click

You Need a map. This map you can use for the start menu. In your map make a sequence or just a camera that Show the map like you want.
In your menu, if you select your district, use “set view target with blend” with that you Change your camera. This Change can be a hard cut or a smooth Change to the new camera.
For the text to be appear you Need a simple text in your Scene. You can call from the Level blueprint to hide or Show the text.

But i think you should first have a look at this:

Thank you Beregron for the answer, i will give a look at set view target with blend, as well as the appearing text, what about highlighting the area? should i make an object over them that appears and disappears when the mouse hovers over them? or is there a way in UE4 itself?