How to hide the minus icon on getavie valus on Spin Box?

How do I remove the minus icon on sa negativ value for a Spin Box? I did try to use the Absolute float node, but that only set the value to the positive value, not removing the minus icon.

can you show what do you want to remove?
do you want to get positive only values?
if so just tick the min limit and set it to 0


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you set minimun value to 0 like the pic above?

I want to be able to use negative and positive values, but I want to only display positive values,

sosomething like this?

just put a text on top of your spinbox, set visibility of the text to : not hit - testable,
then set the color of the text in your spin box to transparent, then on value changed event of your spin box, just update the visible top text with the abs value of your spin box value


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