How to hide objects from a specific cineCamera?


I’ve googled high and low and can’t find a solution that’s working for me.

I’m using Unreal Engine for virtual video production.

I have two live feeds of video going into Unreal via video cards. These video feeds are then being projected to separate planes in unreal. Using the new Composite Plane.

I’m then using cinecameras(that are tracked with HTC Vive trackers) to film these planes together with the rest of the scene in unreal. Think actor on green screen real time composited in the unreal world.

Where I’m stuck is that I want to hide plane1 from cinecamera2s view.

I know how to hide them if I “cut” between the cameras but I want to output both views at the same time.

So basically the questions is: can I hide a plane from being rendered/visible in a particular camera?

Thanks for the help!

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Have you found the solution? I have the same problem.


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Hi - did you find a solution - looking at the same problem