How to hide layers that aren't selected?

Hey, sorry for the video. I didn’t know how else to show the blueprint setup.

How do I hide the borders and grey layers that aren’t selected? Each is associated with a colour that is detected on a separate mesh to the borders. I figure I can just hide the grey layer beneath since I don’t need it to show at all but the border will be the issue anyway.

I’d also like to know how I can set up my element index to pop-up continent specific widgets (Each continent will have a different set of images and text that I want to appear when a specific continent is selected).

Hope this makes sense :smiley: Thanks for the help!

Hey again @ItsDumi!

As far as I know I think you’ll need to have separate layers per continent. I could be wrong on that though, (anyone else feel free to pop up).

However as far as the index goes, you can use a SwitchOnInt node in your code there, and have a different output for every integer! Then have widgets that will be created, added to viewport and destroyed (these are also the names of the nodes you’ll use :P).


@Mind-Brain you’re becoming my resident super-hero! :sob:

Awesome, thanks again for the help! I’m going to give those both a go now :+1:

If you don’t mind me asking for more advice, how could a trigger the camera to zoom in towards a selected continent?

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@ItsDumi Just your friendly neighborhood mod!

You should start a new thread for the camera question. I’ll throw in my two cents, but there might be someone out there with a better solution!

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Ok cool, Will come back to the forum after I try out the former.

Enjoy you day!

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