How to hide HUD (crosshair) after recent event?

Okay community, time to gather around and let me tell you the story on how I need help with my crosshair HUD.
So I’m currently in the process of building an elaborate third person shooter in Unreal Engine 4.9. I’ve added a HUD w/ a crosshair in the center, and I wanted it to be hidden when the game starts, shown when aiming, and then hidden again when not aiming. So I started blueprint scripting away, and I accomplished two of those three things. It’s hidden when the game starts, and shows when aiming, but doesn’t hide again when finished aiming.

I’m providing a video and a few pictures for assistance, so you can see what I’ve done.

Video replication of the issue:


Third Person Character Event Graph:

ToggleCrosshair Function Blueprint:

Crosshair HUD Blueprint:

Thanks a lot babes,


Bump. This is important.

I think “PlayerIsADS” stays always false , you have to toggle it true/false too

No- PlayerIsADS is true when you aim down sights- hence ADS. It is false when you aren’t, I only want it to show when you aim. I’ll post blueprints for the condition ASAP.