How to hide cardboard default setting button and close button

there are two buttons in my cardboard app.
one is on the top left: close button.
one is on the top right: setting button.
all these buttons are useless.
plz tell me how to remove these buttons

I’m also scouring the net for a way to do this. I’ve discovered that these icons don’t display when emulating android on mobile preview. So perhaps google cardboard is adding these overlays independent of UE4.

I’ve found mention of how to remove them using some other (unspecified) development tool (Google VR SDK?) on stack overflow here. No idea how to implement this in UE4.

Hi guys, did you find a solution to this in the end? I’m trying to do the same but I can’t find anything about it

I’m still solutionless. I have a new cardboard headset now that has different lenses, so the gear and X buttons aren’t visible in their POV. But my original headset still has those dang buttons right in my face.

As far as I can tell, they are added as an overlay by google cardboard, not UE4. You would need to use:



Or perhaps just:



But I don’t know if these commands work in the UE4 terminal, since they aren’t aimed at UE4. Google cardboard itself needs to receive these commands to remove its overlays. I haven’t tried them in the terminal on mobile, but it may be worth plugging in a keyboard (or using a bluetooth keyboard), pressing tilde in game, and trying them out.

Hey, thanks for taking your time to reply.

I really don’t think that would ever work for the same explanation you gave. However, I was reading through the engine source code and in GoogleVRHMD.cpp I found a couple of lines which I think are the ones responsible for enabling the UI.

If you browse to line 458 and 459 of GoogleVRHMD.cpp file which is in Plugins/Runtime/GoogleVR/GoogleVRHMD/Source/GoogleVRHMD/Private you can see that the comment above those lines says Show UI on Android.

I haven’t tried yet to change them and recompile but I will give it a go and write back.

Heyy i have the same problem did u find a way to make it work ?