How to hide and unhide 3d object/widget from another widget's button

Hey guys! I’m working on a project where I have 3d widgets in my level which consist of the following components.

When the level starts the main menu widget I have shows correctly like it should but the other menus show in the background.

I want those widgets/actors to be hidden when the game starts and when their corresponding button is pressed they become visible. So for the options menu when the button for options is clicked on the main menu, I want the options menu to become visible. On the options menu itself I also have a return to main menu button. Is there also a way to hide that options menu/3d widget actor again when that button is pressed?

The easiest way to go about this is: 1)Make their visibility to false from the start. 2) Create a level blueprint that will handle their visibility depending on which button/what menu segment you are in. This can be easily made by getting said 3dWidget>Set Visibility and check or uncheck the box. Pretty sure these 3DWidgets also have a built in “pressed/interacted event”.


For anyone that comes across this, the solution is as follows:
1: Make sure the widget component is selected in the actor placed in the level and that the box marked visible is checked off

2: Then in the main menu widget or widget that activates the now hidden menu, use the following code:

3: you can use the above code to with a return button for the main menu which rehides the widget.

4: This was in regards to this to tutorial, good luck!