How to hide a loading screen after foliage is loaded

Hi everyone,

I’d like to do a loading screen. I’ve found a lot of tutorials and videos explaining how to do it, but I didn’t found anything that fit my case. I have a lot of foliage in my level and every place I put the code to hide the loading screen (it’s really just a screen, not a streaming level), the foliage is not entirely loaded yet. The result is that even if I have a loading screen, I can see trees appearing magically.

So my question is, how can I do a loading screen that disappear only after everything is loaded? Or at least after the foliage is loaded.

Thank you

I got around this by just extending the loading screen by 2 seconds after the level was loaded, and putting a slight black fade out.

this way the level loads but the loading screen still shows long enough for the foliage to secretly finish.

Ok, thank you Juice-Tin. This will be my plan B.