How to have your pawn hear sounds instead of the follow camera hearing them

It took a little bit of digging and experimenting to work this out, so I’m posting a quick BP example…

By default, players hear sounds as if they are the follow camera, not the pawn. If the camera is near a noisy object, it’s loud even if your pawn is far away, stereo effects change depending on the orientation of the camera and not the pawn, etc.

Here’s how to tie the sound to your pawn instead of the camera:

If your game allows switching between pawns, call the above every time you switch, otherwise you shouldn’t need to call it except at the start.

Now, if your pawn turns around, the stereo effect will rotate; and if you just move the camera around, the sounds won’t move.

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Tu aporte fue muy valioso para mi :wink: gracias
Your contribution was very valuable to me :wink: Thank you