How to have same directory structure in Visual Studio and project folder?

I started a project using First Person template , so all the code was generated inside “Unreal Projects/[ProjectName]/Source/[ProjectName]”. For a while I added all my new files into this directory but now I’m facing too many files in one folder and I’m trying to organize them into Pawn, Player, UI and other branches and subbranches. I looked at some of other modules inside visual studio and I noticed their hierarchy of filters is similar to the folder structure of them in OS, Is there any fast way to do this in my situation or should I create filters in my VS project one by one and then add files to them? Is there any general solution to keep folder structure synced?

Compile and run your editor. In the editor, click on File >Refresh Your Visual Studio Project. Exit the editor and when VS asks to update,do so.

Thank you.