How to have one cloned widget display different values?

Well, question is the title, how would I get a widget that is cloned 5 times (eg. slots in an inventory) to display different values in each of the cloned widgets? Problem is, if you bind a variable to the text in the widget it will update the text for all widgets so each widget will display the same number, how would I go about doing something like this?

■■■■, my question was a bit poorly formulated, what I meant was if you have one say slot widget in which a text block is bound to a function (or whatever really) and one inventory widget and in this inventory widget you create multiple slot widgets via a function how would you have a different text in each of the now created slot widgets even though they are the same.
Hope its clear what I mean, don’t really know how to formulate my problem, thats why i’m stuck :confused:

Simple answer: when you clone the widget, the variable to that value’s name is the same in every widget, so it thinks you want it to change that variable in every widget. Solution is you are going to have to rename the variable in order to make them different. If you have multiple, then you are going to have to rename multiple of them.

Hope this helps!