How to have my variables in the editor through my inherited class?

I think it’s the question more complicated than it actually is, but I have a Base class that my BaseCharacter class derives from it. So in order that I could have access to BaseCharacter, I’ve created it as a BaseCharacter object in my main ACharacter “ThirdPersonCharacter”.

Now I’d want to have access through all those variables in the Base class in editor when I click on my playable character, however all I have is access to my BaseCharacter, not the data within it,… So how would I go about to be able to use have them in the editor ?

Click the eye icon and check “Show inherited variables” in the details panel of the blueprint, above the variable and function lists.

I’ll add some pictures to explain it better than typing, I would like to edit those variables (currency and speed) in the editor, however all I have access to is Base.

And here is what is being displayed at the blueprint editor, with the “Show inherited variables” on.

In your c++ Base header, you need to define the speed variable using the UPROPERTY macro as follows (I assume it’s an int, but it can be any class)

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite)
int Speed;

Do something similar for the currency variable in your BaseCharacter C++ class. That should enable you to see and edit the variables in the Details pane as shown in your image above.

That’s not it because I already have those macros on it.

Can you show us the relevant declarations in your .h files?