How to have my player die then reset?

I’ve set up a health bar for my character, but when the health reaches 0 or below 0 my character stands in a T-pose. I’ve tried hooking up the even trick to the following and nothing

After that, how would I reset my character at a point in the level without resetting my level?

is this BP inside the character BP?

I would highly recommend to play this animation from an anim-bp the Play Animation node turned out to be a bit buggy to me…

Hi Sora

Here is the set of PrintScreens for your question 1 (animation):

For the second question I need to make a comment, because the limite of screen shots is 5

And for your second question: (player character new position), here is the screens with BP:

Good Luck!

Yes, it’s inside the character BP

I’ve tried using animation montage’s, but I ran into trouble and posted a question HERE


Use the States from my answer below and please inform your results

good luck

Still is not working for me

I ended up making a custom event that checks the player character’s health, the event it set to fire after I’ve been attacked.