How to have multiple trigger boxes call the same code?

I’d like to have several trigger boxes point to the same blueprint routine but every new trigger box creates a new Begin Overlap / End Overlap and I have to have each one point to the function. Is there a way to make an array of objects and have a single Begin Overlap event?

There are a few ways.

The easiest one would be creating an actor of this trigger box which executes this function. Technically every actor would have it’s own then but they would all do the same and you would only have to add one to make it work.

You can also use an “Event Dispatcher”](Event Dispatchers | Unreal Engine Documentation). Basically it’s a custom event which if called broadcasts the signal to all actors of a class which listen to it and there you simply have a usual custom event (after you bind it).

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I discovered you could add blueprint actors which would ultimately do what I want. Would I be correct in assuming that’s what you are referring to?

Yes exactly. That’s the first part :wink:

Glad it works.

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