How to have it so when enemies are killed, their "bodies" remain on the ground

I have a made a simple sprite that can look at my player, and take damage. However when the enemy takes damage until it dies, its actor is destroyed. I would like to know what I could go about doing to replace the actor destroyed, or adding something else to it that can bring up my “dead” sprite, through an animation as well. It is also worth mentioning that these enemy sprites are in a 3D fps style game, and work with the billboard component. I am sorry if my question is too broad.

Why not have the death animation display, and set up a blueprint to create a static actor to take the location and direction of the first actor before it’s destroyed?

Also, I would think you could set the original actor to not be destroyed on ‘death’ (by that, I mean health <= 0). You could offset the health displayed (if it’s even displayed at all) by 1, so that it’s health can’t be dropped below 1 and won’t automatically be destroyed. Then just queue up the death animation once this happens, and destroy the actor manually whenever you wish.

Just theoretical stuff, I’m not in a position to give advice with my level of expertise, but I’m sure any response would be better than none…

If you are using C++ then you need to if destroy the player, or you can use blueprints.