How to have emitter move with camera and lock the rotation.

Hey all made a simple rain emitter that’s attached to the camera.

It works pretty good my problem is when I move the camera it doesn’t move fast enough to keep up. So it’s like a good 2 second lag there. And then if I rotate the camera the particles will start moving sideways through the camera.

But if i stay perfectly still and look straight ahead it’s fine, I just want the rain to continue to fall down no matter which rotation the camera is and be able to follow with the camera.

Here’s some pictures that show off whats happening well.

Hey, you can try setting the particle to Local space under the category Required.
this will move all particles with the camera’s location and rotation.
if you don’t want the Particles to turn you can also try adding a “Lock Axis” note
which can be found by right clicking in the node graph and going into the Category Orientation.
the best option there should be Rotate Z.

Whoops my bad I do already have use local space and the lock rotate z checked as well.

I did mess with the bounds a little and that with the local seemed to make the follow more consistent, I tried to get a screenshot but it was really hard since the rain particles are small. But it’s almost like the rain has velocity behind it or something.

If I rotate or move fast then stop it will keep going that way for about 1/2 a second. Any other ideas?