How to have collisions for this mesh?

Hello, i have some difficulties with collisions… How can i have good ones for this object?

You will have to make your own collision mesh, if you want your actors to be able to walk into your “hangar.”

As the video states, name collision meshes with the UCX_ prefix

You may also want to separate your hangar into several different meshes, each with it’s own UCX_ collision mesh.

Is that going to be one single mesh? Unless that’s going to be an environment vista piece outside of your play area, I would strongly advise you to break that mesh up into modular pieces. If you were in an actual game studio, I would have you break up that mesh into smaller modular pieces, each one with it’s own collision hull. The support beams could be a single set of assets- essentially an environment set. Same with the platforms, etc.

Then you would assemble all those modular pieces (world build) in UE4 and you’re set. Hope that helps.

You can set up mesh to use complex collisions as simple. Then you can set collision lod level to be greater than 0-

forgot to mention, you could technically do a collision pass on your environment using blocking volumes. Not what I recommend at all, but it’s an option if for whatever reason you can’/don’t want to break your environment up into modular pieces. Goodluck with your project!