How to have an event tick without an event?

Hello, I’m looking to have a tick event without an event:
I simply have a collision box that executes a node that makes the point of view change into a camera, and just after that there must be a timer except that the timer remains blocked since because it repeats it once. Ses for that I need an event tick without an event.
And if someone his how to make so that an action is executed at the end of the timer (0) I am taker

Thank you in advance

Help us parse your issue:

You have a character.
That character runs into a collision box.
Some function executes that changes the camera view to a camera that isn’t the current camera.
After switching to the new camera, a timer counts down and does something? What is the purpose of the timer?

Why not just use a Delay node on Actor Overlap between the Character and the Collision Box?

Sounds exactly like what the Timeline does: