How to have a animation spawn and start?

How to have a animation spawn and start when you walk in to a trigger box?
I have a animation already to go, i just want to to spawn and start its animation when you step on the trigger box but only once then it disappears

What type of animation are we talking about? If you have a trigger box you have a component on begin overlap event, use that to set up a do once node that runs a Spawn actor of class node to create an instance of the blueprint. On the blueprint do the following:

  1. Select the skeletal mesh and set the animation mode to use an asset and pick the animation you want to play
  2. Disable looping and enable the playing option
  3. Set the life span of the actor (you can find that option on the blueprint/self defaults) with the value of the duration of the animation

By doing this, once the blueprint is spawned it plays the animation once and after x seconds it deletes it self automatically.