How to harvest custom plant that is planted by players in game?

I created a custom seed, that when placed looks like a mound of dirt. Then over time the mesh changes to dirt with a small plant, more time and the mesh switches to a fully grown plant and looks ready to harvest. I can’t figure out a god way for a user to “harvest” the plant and get some seeds and fruit. I setup a harvest component but it only works if I place it in the level before the game starts. I tried adding a primal harvest component to my plant’s blueprint in the nodal script area but it seems to do nothing. I tried adding a harvest component to the components section of the blueprint. I tried kicking it and still nothing. I have “Use harvest component” checked. I tried setting “Is environment structure” to true. Still does not harvest. Is this impossible? On a different day, I tried to setup a multiuse menu “harvest” instead but for some reason I can’t figure out how to give multiple items to the player. I would appreciate help. I was trying to avoid the use of the crop boxes, I just want to place the seed on the ground anywhere, wait until it is “grown” then harvest in some manner to get more seeds and some fruit.

I really would appreciate some help. I searched the internet and videos but come up empty on this. thanks.