How to handle Skin system ?

Hello !
I’m currently working on a mobile game where the player can collect “Gifts” during his gameplay. Some gifts when open will just give coins, some other gifts will have skins for the characters in them. The player can choose de skin from a “pick your character” list. And I don’t know how to handle this properly. I’m new to programming and only know the very basics of bluerpints.

How to I :
Make a random pick when the gift is open (sometime the player gets coins, sometimes it is a random skin picked in those he hasn’t unlocked yet)
Have a character selection list where you have the locked skins (with a “?” on the picture) and the unlocked skins (with a custom picture). The player can choose his skin and it will change the sprite of the character during gameplay.

I hope it is clear enough :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.