How to handle OnReset properly for camera actors

Hello everyone,

I tried to get some help for the problem on Answerhub about two weeks ago but I got no response.
So I would like to use this thread to explain what I want to achieve and maybe we can find different approaches together and finally a solution.

-> The view target (Actor with camera) should be used from the start of the game and if the player reset the game, the view target should still be the same.
My problem is that resetting the level **multiple **times and call SetViewTargetWithBlend after OnReset on actor with camera, leads sooner or later to “free camera”/wrong view.

Is it possible to prevent resetting the **view target **after ResetLevel?
What would be your approach to implement this task?

Link to Answerhub post: Using SetViewTargetwithBlend on reset is not working after several resets - UE4 AnswerHub

I solved the problem by myself, for the solution look at my Answerhub post.