how to handle mutilple alembic tracks in sequencer when imported as skeletal mesh method

hi, guys, I am trying to import alembic data from Maya for the rigged character animation, I exported character mesh animation cache to different alembic data from different Maya scene . as UE doc suggests I imported these alembic data as skeletal mesh type . so in UE I can see different packs data and each has its own skeletalMesh/skeleton/ animation data . but the most confusing thing is that these data from the same mesh, but actually looks like independent animation with their own inside skeletal mesh , which means I can’t use it in sequencer as a normal FBX rig to load other animation data .

you can check the pic, in sequencer, the shot8 skeletmesh can not use the shot 09 animation data , I also tried to exported a clean Tpose mesh alembic data as a “rig file” , but the same it can not read any exported shots data naturally. I tried to retarget the anim data to it , but animation are distorted.

currently, I use geometry cache to work with sequencer for the moment, but I hope I can follow a correct pipeline to use alembic data more efficiently like the doc suggested . hope to get help from you , thanks ~