How to handle level loading, menus, blueprint switching

I’m wondering what the standard process is for the production loading of the packaged game.

  1. Load UE4 logo, fade in fade out, 3-5 seconds

  2. Load my game logo, fade in fade out 3-5 seconds

  3. Main menu (handled by widget)

  4. On hit begin play load into map level 1

I don’t know how to load the logos and the main menu properly. Should they be loaded by the same blueprint that controls my character or how should I go about this (remembering I have a widget for my main menu).

You don’t want the start-up logos to play every time the main menu shows; presumably you only want it when the game starts up?

Unreal Engine supports start-up “movies” that get played on start-up:

You could thus encode a movie with the logos you need, and set that as the start-up movie.

You could also have the “first level on gameplay” property set to a level that just plays the credits, and then chain-loads to the “main menu” level.