How to handle as single jumping animation in blueprint?

Hey guys, I’ve been looking into mixamo jumping animations for a while, but couldn’t find any that is divided to the JumpStart, JumpLoop, JumpEnd norm. Only single animations. Does anyone know a way to properly implement this in blueprint?

I altered myself the original blueprint but it didn’t work. He jumped first and while in air, then he did the animation.
Any ideas?

It entirely depends how this is setup.

Look at the 3rd person template in the animation blueprint you can see the rules they set up for Jump_Start, Jump_Loop, Jump_End.

Which all use the IsInAir Bool which is defined in the Animation Blueprint.

If you can only find a Single Animation for the whole jump. You should consider breaking it down in the engine. I.E duplicate the asset 3 times name them Anim_Jump_Start etc… then go into the animation asset and you will see a Frame bar at the bottom. From here you can split the animation but simply deleting frames. So for Anim_Jump_Start you would delete all the frames after when the Character is in a falling pose. Remember what frame you deleted from (for this example we will say frame 38) then in the Anim_Jump_Loop delete everything before frame 39 and after the loop (So frame 42 maybe) and finish the Anim_Jump_End by deleting all frames before 43.

Hope you get the point. I believe Mixamo does have broken down jumps though…

I have tried to split the animations before but the result is a mess as the the jump_loop can only be like 3-5 frames and in addition the Mixamo animation I have (the one from the male locomotion pack) is not as clean as the one of the humanoid in the third person template of the engine. It’'s jumping off of the right leg and landing on the left.

I have found a jump_start and a jump_end animations and I’ve searched thoroughly the Mixamo library, but I couldn’t find a jump_loop animation. Only one which has a gun equipped.