How to handle an RC car


I have a project I’m working on. I want to make like an RC car sim. I have a level with a third person character and the vehicle character. I can walk up to a trigger then on that event possess the car character and being to drive around.

What I am now trying to do is when you possess the car character i want to use the Third Person Camera.

I have tried to store the camera from the Third Person Character in variables in each the Game Mode blue print and also the My Controller blue print.

Then in the car blue print in the On Possessed event: setting the Game Mode / Controls camera to the Set Active Node. But it does not change the camera.


Thanks in advanced for any help!

Set Active is not it.

Try this.

Thanks for the response.

The “Set view Target with Blend” Node takes a CameraActor input. On the player character the Follow camera is a Camera Component reference which does not input into the NewTargetView.

I think i might change my design and set a camera (Camera Actor) in the world, and once the Player walks into the Trigger. I will just use this camera for both the Player and the RC Car. Using the CameraActor in the world will let me use the “Set view Target with Blend” Node.

Also if anyone else has any comments or further input I’m open to it.

Thanks aga!n.

This is the solution i went with: