How to handle a char when it appears in a wrong shot

Hi guys:

I’ve always had a question:
For example, there has a scene of two shots, so I create two shot sequences and a scene sequence to contain the other two shot sequences.
I pull a char into level, add it into shot_1 sequence, although shot_2 does not need it, the char just happens to appear in the shot_2’s camera.
So, I wonder how do you guys handle this?
Just key the visibility for the char in sequence 2?
Or use a spawn actor, to make sure it lives in right time range?

I’m confusing about this a long time, I was hoping someone could give me some help, thank you.

if it looks right, it is right
both ways are valid
1 - spawn chair in seq 1
2 - hide chair with sequencer track in seq 2

Understood, thanks for that. YuuJin.