How to grab other players?


I’m using the third-person mode and would like to when I click the left mouse button to play an animation and then if I touch another player to then grab them. (I have managed the animation but have no idea how to do the grabbing)

Thank you for any help, have a nice day!!!

The simplest method just to attach another actor to some socket on your character mesh and disable its movement component for the time of animation…Byt there can be several issues - time animation sync and collision issues… Are you doing some fighting game?

yeah, exactly, a game like gang beasts. The problem I’m having now is that my two collision spheres that are placed on the hands are colliding with the capsule of the owning body. I want it to only collide with other third-person characters. It’s so annoying because it’s online so I have to reuse the third person character. Do you have any idea how to fix this issue?

Hello! The simplest thing - to create 4 collision profiles: DamageVolumeA, DamageVolumeB, AttackVolumeA, AttackVolumeB. So, Player A attack is around AttackVolumeA and it is colliding only with DamageVolumeB. And also Player B attack is around AttackVolumeB and it is colliding only with DamageVolumeA. Just cross colliding profile config.

That can work, but it’s not very scalable. You have to create collisions for every player. A much better solution would be to simply check and make sure it’s not grabbing himself.