How to go back to normal character state after Animation?

OK so I have my character, when you press 1 an animation of a spell cast eventually plays, after the animation he doesn’t go back to normal, so I added another animation after the spellcast the closest thing I found was the third person idle animation at least he looks like he is back to normal now but when you move the feet don’t move so not a great work around I also tried using the blend space animation instead of the thirdperson idle and also doesn’t work, Is there a good tutorial on exactly how to do this? Instead of the Idle animation I need to make the character go to normal.


You want to use the power of the Animation Blueprint feature. And more specifically you want to build an animation state machine which will drive the animations through states and transition.

You should watch related tutorials.

The principles are pretty simple: you start up in a state (Idle) and you move one from this state to other states based on conditions (am I moving?, am I drinking a potion?).

You will be able to specify everything you want with this feature.

Hey Dubstep_alex, All you have to do is set movement to walking after you’ve done you’re spell and the animation should reset back to its blueprint and states. To do it the way you’re doing it