How to go about using BP to uniquely open a door?

Hey Guys!
I know the title is super vague or simplifies it. But my question is:
Does anyone know how I might go about connecting a blueprint in order for the PC to open a door? I have a blueprint on a static mesh with a collision box around it so when you step into the collision it says “Press ‘E’ to activate” and so when i press ‘E’ it makes it turn about 180 degrees. So every time i press the key it makes it to where it turns it little by little, in theory i would like to be able to make the door do the same thing. Every time the valve turns a little the door opens a little. Is there a way to connect that blueprint on the static mesh actor to the matinee or maybe another blueprint so that happens? Sorry if this is super vague.

This is the BP that i have on the valve.
Btw I’m a super noob. This might be a stupid question. lol