How to go about hiding hud elements from a mainmenu?

ok so i have a inventory set up in blueprint now that works perfectly fine problem is i also have hotbars setup that i connect to the inventory that show all the time. These also work perfect . my problem is that the hotbars show during the main menu. my main menu is made through UMG were as my inventory is not. so im lost on how to hide the hot bar during the main menu. Does anyone know how to go about doing this?

any help is very much appreciated

thanks in advance

  • Frame your inventory with a border (or any container you want)
  • Make your framing element a variable
  • From this point onward you can get the variable and set it’s visibility, so you could set the visibility on construct to be hidden and manually reveal it with a keybind as needed.

inventory it self is already on a keybind “I” which is fine the inventory isnt the issue its the hot bars and a rect which will always show i need to know how to hide those or is it possible to call a BP hud from with in a container in UMG and just show hide it there with remove from parent (using 4.6 preview)

It won’t work if you frame your hotbars with an invisible container that you just set to visible or hidden?

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding what you’re trying to accomplish.

my hud and main menu are 2 different things main menu is UMG and Inventory with the hotbars is pure blueprint no UMG. im just trying to hide The hot bars from the Main Menu and then make the visible again after new game is hit and the level is loaded. still new to UE4 coming from Unity so still learning the terminology… what do you mean by frame the hotbars? as of now there just sitting in a function that gets called.

sorry if i sound noobish. :s

yeah i have separate levels for my main menu and game play. do you mind explaining the blank blue print. you mean just create a hud blueprint with no code added? and where do i find level game mode? i know there is a world setting that lets you set a blue print never seen a level setting though or am i being dumb?

I see my mistake now, I focused on your usage of UMG and assumed you used UMG for your HUD as well instead of the actual HUD class.

Are you using separate levels for your menus and gameplay? If you are, you could blueprint a blank HUD and assign it to your menu level game mode. That would get rid of the game related HUD.

Are you using blueprints for the HUD? If you are then you could just set a bool for specific elements and check to see if it’s true then run that function that gets called to make the hotbars.

It’s simple really, just create a hud blueprint without any code, save it as BlankHUD.

Open up a menu level, on the top toolbar click settings and pick World Settings, In there scroll to “Game Mode” and set your HUDClass to the BlankHUD.

Every level has its own Game Mode that you can modify. So open up your Gameplay level and set the HUD to your actual working HUD, that way when you load the Gameplay level you use up your HUD and when you’re in the menus you use the BlankHUD.

No problem, if everything is working, could you mark this as resolved? :slight_smile:

ok but when i hit new game and load the new level the hud dosent come back and it seems to change the hud globally.

is there a way to change hud blue print on begin play so lets say i do a begin play event on level blueprint to change the hud blueprint in world settings? If this is possible what am i looking for in order to do this…

ok i got it now thank you very much i just learned something very valuable today lol. thanks for putting up with me.