How to go about creating a C&C style game?

Hey guys, I’m a 3D artist with little knowledge of programming/blueprints but I’ve been trying to work my way through UE4 slowly. Ideally I want to create a game similar to the old C&C games, RTS style with a currency system, floating camera etc, multiple units… The main focus of the game would be using units (various types of vehicle) to farm and gather resources, in order to update base etc…

The thing I’m struggling with already is… given that all units would be wheeled/tracked machines, would I actually need to rig them all as if they were normal vehicles? The game really wouldn’t need them to be properly drivable/real physics or anything as they would only ever be controlled passively by the player- Click location to move style.

Has anyone done anything like this or could point me in the right direction?

No, you don’t need to make a real vehicle rig for them. You could in theory make some kind of system to simply turn the wheels towards the direction that the vehicle will go, then the rest will follow.

As someone who is a 3D Artist and has been gradually building up my more technical skills, take it slow and steady… I eventually got the hang of Blueprints this fall, then, over the next several months I’ve gotten pretty hardcore into Code and C++. Though, I’ve got to admit… I may be a little weird… as I’ve managed to jump into complex advanced C++ tutorials and… the previous time I really went hardcore into C++ was my Freshman Year of High School, and that was over 14 years ago.

Go to this series once you understand the build of a RTS you can use the first person setup with this tweaked and modified obviously
but this should give you all the basis needed also the tutorial series has a great tutor and is on point for replies to issues even the OLD videos

36 and counting and as of now im on #20 and i have a NPC system i have a calendar timer house building sets from collision to slope calculations

Really good set of vids and well lets support our fellow producers and designers…
ps this isnt my promoting myself just im following it and i didnt find it AT ALL on this forum nor on this SITE…

its a ongoing WORKING in 4.9.2+ RTS …


Will check it out Oz, cheers for the info and link!