How to give the player a sense of speed?


I’m finally satisfied with the physics and controls of my flight game, but there’s one thing it lacks: The sense of speed. The player experiences the acceleration thanks to the camera lag, but the only thing that tells the user ‘Hey! You are really fast’ is the enviroment.

What methods can I use to give the player a sense of speed? Are there build-in methods for this? Since this is one of my first tries to make a enjoyable game for the public, I rely on blueprints.


Parallax, things moving past the camera quickly, a good sense of depth.

You mean something like Parallax Occlusion Mapping? I think I don’t get how this should affect the player except of nice looking textures.

Parallax as in the animation sense, Parallax - Wikipedia

The general idea of creating objects at difference distances that will overlap and create a sense of depth. Parallax like that also lets the player know they are moving quickly.

Ah so you are referring to level design as an indicator of speed, thank you! I’ll keep this in mind when it comes to creating the gameworld.

There’s a lot of small little things that could help with the overall feeling of speed.

Tightening the FOV based on speed, will enhance the speed of objects moving past the screen
Screen/Camera shake, Increase oscillation based on player speed

Pitch of engine whine based off speed
Wind volume increase based off speed

I think this effect can be too much, but I’ll give it a try, thanks!

Increasing the FOV is a great idea, I’ll try it!

I already considered increasing the camera shake with speed, but a headbanging camera might be too much. I’ll give it a try however.

I had the very same idea regarding the audio, and I’ve already implemented it. The faster the user flies, the louder the wind noise gets.

screen motion blur turn it on… its amazing effect

Parallax = objects moving in the background faster than objects moving int the foreground

With out the clouds the planes will look suspended

P.S. did this back in Aug

Thank you for your suggestions. I myself found a great way to give additional sense of speed: I’ve created a particle system that’s mostly comparable to falling snow, but the particles fall much slower. I’ve attached it to my moving actor and the result is quite amazing!

this may be interesting :