How to give an object selective collision?

I’ve created an asset in blender, which is a wall with a doorway, and I need to find a way to make it so there’s no collision in the doorway, so that my player can walk through. I imagine it’s an easy fix, as I am only just starting out with the engine.

open the mesh asset in unreal, in Collision tab (top left) select remove. now you are ready to add your’s. in the main window click on collision icon tick the simple collision (you shouldn’t see anything yet). there are two ways to proceed 1. again from collision tab add some simple boxes or cylinders to have your desired collision (you click add then select it and shape and move it like a mesh in unreal editor using scale rotate move commands) 2. or in right side properties go find collision section and find a drop down stating that use complex collision as simple collision (which is faster but not very recourse friendly)
I tired to be brief, if you wana detailed guide search on youtube