How to give a item from someone elses mod?

Ok I have created a new dodo. I figured out how when you kill it it gives you a specific item. Now someone else has a currency mod which uses “glory coins”. However, say I want my special dodo to draop say 5 of these glory coins. how would I do it? The spawn code is admincheat GiveItem “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/CapitalismCurrency/GloryCoin/PrimalItemResource_GloryCoin.PrimalItemResource_GloryCoin’” 1 1 0

Second is their a way I can make my own say trading table for others to sell implants for these coins?

Create a folder under Mods called CapitalismCurrency and in that folder create a folder called GloryCoin, and in this folder create a PrimalItemResource_GloryCoin. Add this to your death inventory. In your dev kit, you will be pointing to your useless glory coin. However, when you cook and upload, the glory coin (being technically a separate mod within your dev kit) will not cook or upload. When your dodo dies, it will look for that file path, which will exist if the server is currently running both mods.

Thank you, this makes sense. Unfortunately ASM is also down right now and not updating the servers so I can test it. This has been a real pain tring to learn as Everything has been having problems all at once. Wild card had their problems with their patches, Ark Dev Kit had a issue apparently. Blender was giving me issues. And both ACM and ASM are messed up all at the same time and the time I am able to try to learn how to mod :(. Oh yea, I also forgot to mention the video card also decided to take a dump too. But the roof on the house is still attached for now.

Well everything seemed to work. I kill the dodo’s and get the glory coins. But then I goto spend them and they don’t work. I trade items for a coin in the trading table and I get a coin but it goes into a separate pile, aside from that they look identical. Even spawning the coin in gives me a working coin. I cant combine the piles either, the game is treating the ones it spawns from the dodo as a different item. Any ideas what causes this or how to fix it?

I think I found the reason.

Ok, when I looked at the directory structure, I thought I forgot the folder CapitalismCurrency, but now I don’t think I did. For some reason it deleted the parent folder labeled CapitalismCurrency. Now whenever I try copying a generic blueprint to CapitalismCurrency/GloryCoin it makes a new folder system GloryCoin/GloryCoin. I don’t understand why it keep doing this. But it screwed up 2 of my servers because of this and I spent all day fixing them. Why can’t I have a blueprint in CapitalismCurrency/GloryCoin?

You can execute the cheat giveitem on a player. The blueprint function is something like executecommand, normally for this command it works

@, if your DevKit doesn’t want you to create the correct folder structure… then delete it again, close your DevKit, go to you project files and delete the remaining (cause it doesn’t really delete the folder, even if you tell so in the DevKit) and open the DevKit again. So that you can create the folder path again, with your dummy GloryCoin in it ^^

I also created a smaller CapitalismCurrency dummy version, so that you can reference it correctly :slight_smile:

-> It is only the inventory item, so you won’t have the coin mesh and won’t be able to place the CoinBag.
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