How to give a camera full rotation capabilities

So I have placed a CameraActor which changes location based on a button press, I also have it set to rotate on the x and y axis with my mouse, however it is very restricted. I would prefer for it to work as if I were right clicking in the viewport, or how it works when playing a basic project. Is there any way I can make this happen from my blueprints, without having to introduce a character or pawn?

Could you please elaborate? I dont understand your question. If what you want is to rotate the camera without it being a pawn or a character i would suggest using AddActorWorldRotion or setActorRotation

Basically I would like its pitch and yaw to move with the mouse cursor. Almost as if in a VR environment but with the mouse instead

is the camera the player? if it is just make it a character or pawn and use the yaw and pitch nodes in the blueprint, and make sure the camera uses pitch and yaw control from its parent, so that if you rotate the root the camera also inherits the rotation. If he camera isnt the player, you cant use the pitch and yaw control directly, youll have to capture your mouse position and set the rotation of the camera accordingly