How to get your material to tile across the same asset?

I have made a wall tile and it has a subtle pattern (some cracks and dents for normal map). I am going to use the wall tile multiple times to create the majority of my level. I just wanted to know if anyone knows a technique to make the material on the wall tile consistent so it looks one texture. I have played with the UV’s for hours trying to get this to work. The actual texture is something I made myself and I have made sure that it’s tileable. Due to the seam in the UV you can see the cut off and where the material ends and begins. If the material lines up perfectly across the wall tiles the seam should be less noticeable but I don’t know the best technique to use to do this. If I can’t make this work then I will have to hide it with something (maby another object in front of the seam like a pillar).

not really, the idea is not to have seems in visible area’s or if you must do it that way then use another part of the mesh to hide the seam, a few pics might help show where your having problems

@Geodav. I can’t upload screens, stuck at work :frowning: I will upload screenshots when I am home though. To give you a better idea though I basically have modelled a cube and made it into a wall. so the cube has a little bit of thickness and height for my wall tile. I did try planes but due to my level being set in a house the walls need thickness because they will be sharing their sides to make rooms etc. I guess I could move and sew one of the side faces of the cube to hide the seam but the seam will be seen on the other side of the cube. My cube has 6 faces the side and top faces are narrow due to me scaling the cube to have a little bit of thickness for the wall and because I will be placing doors. The wall is gonna be seen from both both angles so it makes it difficult to hide the seam, unless there is another way to do this that I don’t know about.

Here are some screens of the problem. The cube I have made is very simple, I want to use it as a modular piece to make the walls of my level. These walls are going to be part of a house so the majority of them will be seen from both angles (the top and sides will never be seen, those are the narrow parts of the cube to avoid any confusion).

Here is a screenshot in Maya LT of the cube. I snapped the pivot to the bottom corner of the model so they snap together easily in UE4.

I have also modelled them to the grid of UE4 so one tile takes up 4 grid spaces. This makes it easy for me to work with the grid when putting the pieces together.

Maya LT screenshot:

Lightmap UV’s:

Texture UV’s:

Here is a shot in UE4 with no lights:


Here is a shot in UE4 with lights:


I am trying to figure out ways to hide the seam and also get the texture to map across both walls consistently.

to be honest if its just straight walls i’d use bsp blocks or if you must use a static mesh then stack the uv islands on top of each other for the 1st uv channel and then a proper unique light map for the 2nd channel

Ahh great stuff! I don’t know how to mirror UV’s in Maya LT but if it’s like 3D - Coat and you have to stack them on top of each that’s pretty simple (I thought it might be something different in Maya LT considering everything is totally different from the other 3D apps I have learnt). Thanks Geodav I will try stacking them and see if that helps :smiley:

The lightmap UV’s seem totally fine in regards to seams. I have them at 64 resolution I can drop them to 32 if I need to with no problems :slight_smile: