How to get your ADK to run better

I looked around and could never find anything to help me with this. Sorry if its been covered already.

1: Make up to a 32gb page file on your fastest hdd or ssd. (Usually need to reboot your PC after doing this)
2: Download Process Hacker, run as admin.
3: Open the ADK, wait for it to load into ram. About 1.5gb
4: In ProcessHacker, right click UE4Editor.exe, set Priority > High. Set I/O Priority > High.

Then open your PrimalGameData, wait for it to load into ram. About 10gb. (During the time it is loading it will show as “not responding”, Don’t touch anything.)
Once its fully loaded, go back to process hacker.

  • In the “Processes” tab, find the UE4Editor.exe, right click it > Miscellaneous > Reduce Working Set. (Wait a moment as it might make your PC hang a bit)
    -In ProcessHacker, click on the System Information tab. You should already have Memory selected, if not, select it.
    -Click on the “More” button, in the new window click “Empty” then “Empty modified page list”. Give it a moment.
    Go back to ADK, open your blank, test map or whatever you use to test your mods on. It will quickly load into ram with some basic data.

Thats it. You’re done :smiley: Theres a mess of a pic attached to help show a few things. Using this method, I have never had a crash in ADK since. Before i couldn’t even so much as start a mod and name it without the entire thing dying on me. I’m able to start from scratch and fully cook a mod with 0 issues. If you are stuck on a 8gb PC, you can push the ram after you open it. Then open your Engram file. This will only load about half the ram (5gb or so) push that as well, then load the Primal Data and push it. Tested that last method on my potato laptop with 8gb.

Hope this helps people who still have issues. :slight_smile: