How to get World Space location Relative to bone's local space for Hand IK?

I’m trying to make my character’s hand move to an trace hit’s location, but instead of using trace hit’s world space’s location as it’s target location, I’m trying to create a local space offset for it, but it’s not working out as I want it to. I’ve tried:


but I didn’t get the desired result, the hand always was facing in the wrong direction.
Anim BP:

What am I doing wrong? What am I not understanding? Any suggestions?

Thank You for your time :heart:

By the time this post got approved, I’ve found a solution to my problem.
The main problem was that I was applying Two Bone IK to my left hand and reading it’s coordinates at the same time to determine the offset, making the hand get closer to the impact point, thus reducing the offset distance to the impact and making the hand go back into its initial position. A very silly problem.
To solve the problem, I’ve created a virtual bone from ‘root’ to ‘hand_l’ bone like thus:

(I can’t upload more than one image in the same reply, so here’s another)

Modified the animation BP Two Bone IK node:

and got a pretty solid result:

Leaving it here, just in case someone runs in the same problem.