How to get world position of mouse cursor without using player controller?

Hi everyone. I’m not sure if this is a c++ matter or a blueprint matter, but I’ll ask here.

I noticed that it’s possible to get world position of a mouse cursor using a player controller using ConvertMouseLocationToWorldSpace.

However, I’m in a situation where I should use ai controller for the character, so I cannot use player controller in my case.

Are there any possible alternatives in my case? Or is it a c++ matter.

Emmmh there is getHitResulUnderMouse or tap or something like that under mouse, sorry I’m not accurate here. But there is some function like that.

Sorry for the fuss everyone! Apparently it was my small mind that thought I couldn’t call the Get Player Controller node in the level blueprint if I did not assign a player controller for the character.

Apparently you’re allowed to use it in blueprint, even if the character is assigned to an ai controller.

After some googling, I managed to solve the issue like this.