How to get Windows Smartscreen to show my company as the publisher

I have made a very standard windows build of a game that triggers the windows smart screen when the exe is activated. I do not have the budget or notoriety to bypass this warning and I am not looking to do so but what I do want is for it to show my company’s name instead of “Unknown publisher”. Is there a way to feed this information to the smartscreen so my deployment looks less sketchy?

I think you need it to be digitally signed

That would be the most professional solution as having it signed will allow for the application to completely bypass the Windows SmartScreen dialog.
Unfortunately we do are many small projects that will be used for decades. This will make getting a yearly Code Signing Certificate for each too expensive a solution.
I am not looking to prevent the warning, just to replace the Unknown Publisher part of the warning with the name of my company.

You could try this tool which allows you to change various details about the exe, but I don’t know if it will change what SmartScreen says

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Thank you so much JCWeaver I am checking this out right now.

Unfortunately that did not seem to work :S