How to get way better Collison?

Hey :slight_smile:

At the moment we are working on a First Person Sword Combat Game.
But right now we are stuck. The Collision is way to inaccurate.We have way to much clipping.

Our “way to go Hardware” is the HTC Vive.

Is there a way to get Better Collision ?

We already tried:

  • Making the collider bigger

  • added a Box Collision ( in Blue Prints)

  • increased the Physic Substeps in the Physics Tab

  • activated CCD (Continous Collision Detection)

Here is a Picture of the Asset from this moment.

So if anybody know a way to get better Collision, pls let us / me know.

Thanks :).

Usually in games, sword impact is detected by a raycasting system, not collision detection.
Kinda like this (I wouldn’t do it with blueprints, it’s slow):

We are not sure what you mean with this.
Ok the Raycast hits the Sword. And then ?

Pls keep in mind, we are developing for VR (Htc Vive) :).