How to get WASD controls for Top Down (isometric) Game Mode, with Rotation Around the SpringArm Z Axis

These controls allow the Top Down Controller to utilize standard WASD input controls for directional movement, using the Spring Arm as a target reference. This allows the player to rotate the camera and always move forward. I’ve also included how to zoom in and out.

This took me a week or so to figure out and it’s what got me hooked on messing with Unreal Engine. These forums and the discord are great! Also DevAddict and a few others on YouTube are a big help. I have seen this question asked in many different ways but not really answered in a cut and paste format. This is from the original TopDownController Blueprint, with VR enabled. Feedback is super welcome.

Action &Axis Mappings:

Resulting Variables:

Cast to Top Down Controller (looking to change this to an interface if possible)

Movement Input

Notice how the Camera Uses The World Direction Resulting form the Target Rotation of Spring Arm 1. SpringArm1 is the Spring Arm connected to the Top Down Character.
This also includes The ability to stop movement when reviving input commands from the mouse via CastToTopDownController.

Camera Rotate

Bonus Smooth Zoom (Stolen from Smooth mouse wheel camera zoom using SpringArm)