how to get VR pawn to work with elevator?

Hey everyone,

i made and elevator bluepprint and it is working fine. The problem is just that the VR pawn from the VR preset is not colliding properly with it. For sure it is because its just consisting of a camera so i tried adding a capsule as root to it which doesn’t work either. I would be really glad for any hint or advise how to solve this! The collision of the elevator works fine since i can teleport to the moving platform but then the pawn is just left in the air with the platform moving on.

I have the same probelm but i cant even teleoport on the platform, it pretends that there is nothing…
Did you find a solution now?

Did you maybe forget that your VR HMD Headset is just a Camera being relatively offset of your actual pawn?
The Actor Location of your Pawn does NOT have to be the place you are standing. The Actor Location is the middle of your VR bounds.

Well, i admit i am quite new to the VR development, so i didnt knew this, even if i was assuming it, thanks to the fact that there is no typical character pawn.
Do you have an idea how i can get my character to be able to teleport himself in the elevator?

Unsing the stairs instead is kind of gamebreaking, well, at least annoying.

Thank you for your help

Hm, I haven’t tried to move the Player like this before. I normally teleport him only.

The pawn itself doesn’t have any collision by default. So he’s not affected by the elevator anyway, even if you put the middle of the Actor on it instead of the headset.
Maybe you can track if you ported to the elevator and then attach the Pawn Actor to the elevator platform. That might move the player with it.

Other than that I have no idea right now. Would need to try that out myself.

Can’t you just move the VRPawn? Or do you also have to move the NavMesh, or is the NavMesh only for teleporting used? Would love to test it, sadly got no Vive here :3 I mean, I can always just move the world around me, but with many actors that’s becoming tedious.