How to get velocity to player controler by using Widget HUD button?

Hello guys

Im have removed my android sticks from game. And want to make my main character to move by clicking Buttons made in Widget HUD.
But the problem, I cant find the way how to do it. Because you cant use widget buttons in Engine-INPUT-ACTION MAPPING.
I tried alot ways how to get velocity by pressing my created Widget HUD button. but with no ressults…
maybe you could help? what Im dong wrong in added picture?

try it

look at this. A month ago I had the same issue. And yeah, I found the solution:

  1. [In-side of Widget]
    it’s in-Game-HUD. Three buttons: Jump, Pause and 2(It’s for speed increasing).
    Let’s look inside Jump button

  2. 2.png
    [In-side of Widget]
    I cast Jump-button to “EventJumpButton” in PlayerController. I used BP_Interface, it’s same as “Cast to PlayerController”.

  3. [In-side of PlayerController]
    Here I cast to EventFromMyControllerJump, which placed in Character(It’s TopDownCharacter from TopDownTemplate).

  4. [In-side of TopDownCharacter]
    and here is our Jump-function(It’s inherited).

  5. 2.png
    [In-side PlayerController]
    How I initialized this HUD.
    Created a function InGameMenu, starting with EventBeginPlay.

  6. [In-side PlayerController]
    This is inside of InGameMenu-function.

waiting for response

sorry, I am confused, what is interface BP and InterfaceBP_C? I’m not enough familiar with UE4