How to 'Get' 'velocity' and 'heading', then 'Lerp' (?) to inform 'Set Physics Linear Velocity'?

‘Set Physics Linear Velocity’ gives me exactly what I need, a small bounce off a wall. However I am entering a set number directly (X0 y100 z0) to achieve this. This bounces me at a velocity of 100 strictly in the Y direction. I simply need that X Y Z to be dynamically populated with the data representing my pre-collision heading and velocity, so I will BOUNCE in the same ‘heading’ at the same (or slightly less ) speed…

It might need to have the heading 'reversed though, like if I come in at 90 degrees, I should then bounce out at -90 degrees, if I came in at 10 degrees, I Should bounce away at -10 degrees, and at the same or a little less velocity. Does that make sense? I just want to emulate a bounce.

I have been asking this exact question here, at Unreal Answers, on Discord, and many other sites, for about 7 months with my 99% completed game sitting on the shelf…,*** No one seems to know how to ask Unreal “what is my velocity and direction?” *** I keep coming back and trying to further simplify the question.

I am CERTAIN ‘Lerp’ will be in there,… Here is a screen grab of the relevant part of the blueprint, the Set Physics Linear Velocity on the right (the one that is selected and circled in Green) with Y set to 100 is the one thing I can change to go from freezing in place when I touch a wall, to bouncing away slightly. I just need to tell it which direction/speed based on my pre-collsion direction and speed,… :slight_smile:

This may be impossible with Unreal, since no one in 7 months has recognized anything about what I am trying to do, or has heard of Unreal being unable to ‘get’ the velocity and ‘direction’ (or heading?) then combining and and doing something with that data,… It seems like it should be really simple, …


A working solution was posted here, with a videoshowing the behaviour in action:…nce-off-a-wall

You never responded but a team member of yours did. Should we assume this method does not work for you? It worked really well on my end.

**I could have not been more clear about being new to BP and needing ACTUAL HELP, someone to fix this tiny part of the BP. Not ‘suggestions’, not 'HINTS". I even asked that people IGNORE MY POST ENTIRELY if they are unwilling or unable to edit my BP. I explained that I learn best by reverse engineering and that showing me will teach me a lot about how to do what. I explained I am in a bit of a rush because I have been in hospital for 3 years and intensive care for 7 months fighting a very rare cancer and becoming the FIRST Person to Survive it,… and then trying to get a game out quick so I can use it to help complete my team and then relax and learn BP at a pace.

I offered $30,000 in Hollywood CG Assets,

I offered Credit in my game,

I even offered to PAY cash money.

NOTHING. No one who knew what to do, was willing to do it. Even now, you, who got your answer on my post, would send me HELPLESS and BLIND (you didn’t say which of the 50 ‘hints’ are ‘the one’’) back into forum pages I spent 7 long MONTHS fighting, rather than share the solution, or even do the only thing I ever asked, Help edit the BP, It would’t take but 3 minutes apparently, the way you describe it as so easy and obvious… Right?

All I see are the vague HINTS and TIPS* that I specifically asked people NOT to waste their (AND MY) time posting,* as I am from UNITY and WAY TOO NEW to BP’s for ‘Hints’ to be helpful.

If someone doesn’t want to help on these clearly laid out and 100% necessary terms THEN WHY WOULD THEY CONTACT ME JUST TO INSULT ME THEN NOT HONOR MY REQUESTS?

SO YOU found the perfect answer in my post.

WOULD YOU CARE TO SHARE? Or are you also using the BP I posted as the ‘rest’ of your solution? I hate to think that, BUT I can only assume, AND HOPE there must be some reason you would see a guy nearly killing himself for a little help, YOU THEN GET THAT HELP FOR YOURSELF IN HIS ACTUAL POST, and say nothing to the suicidal cancer survivor trying to rebuild his career… That is interesting…

For my part, I have seen nothing that works, and certainly no one has edited my BP with any fix and re-uploaded,. (MY ONLY REQUEST. THAT, OR TO BE LEFT ALONE AND NOT CONSTANTLY INSULTED BY 50 STRANGERS.

Besides, there are so many of those ‘suggestions and hints’ that I specifically requested there be NONE OF,. …) I have no way to know WHICH of the 50 ‘vague hints’ is ‘the solution’ you found, OR if your game is anything like mine,. (requiring no Physics be used for Bounces, it breaks all other functionality) OR even how to incorporate it into a really unusual BP, BEING A RANK BEGINNER. You certainly didn’t say which of the 50 ‘hints’ is THE ONE, SO what am I supposed to do? START OVER AND DO THESE 7 NIGHTMARE MONTHS AGAIN TRYING 50 RANDOM HINTS BECAUSE ONE WORKED FOR SOME STRANGER BUT HE DIDN’T SAY WHICH!! :slight_smile: IT WOULD TAKE ME THAT LONG, I ASSURE YOU,…


They did not of course, that takes real time. and that, in the end, was all I was really asking for, A LITTLE BIT OF TIME, SO I COULD LEARN AND HAVE MY APP OUT THERE. . INSTEAD OF GIVING UP IN DISGUST…

All I got was the exact opposite of what I asked, and then insulted to boot,.

No one from my team responded only me. My team are working on a different project now, because we couldn’t get this working and I am, back to square one. Wishing I had not survived the cancer to be on this distorted sh-it planet at this particular time. 7 more months of my life gone for nothing and endless UNFAIR insults to boot,. Then a guy finds the solution to my problem on my post and I hear nothing of it until well after I gave up…///


I did, it’s linked in the post above, clicking *video *will take you to my post with the solution.

TEN YEARS FROM NOW I’LL STILL BE POSTING FOR HELP WITH 2 NODES ON A BP. Just because I am one and you all are many, does not make you right,… Bullies in grade school are many, THEY are not right either. I see you (most of you, 90%) AS BULLIES who attack me out of their own crippling insecurities.

I hoped I could circumvent the standard ‘EPIC BULLY Response’ by asking that only those willing to ACTUALLY ATTEMPT HELP respond at all. . THAT ALL OTHERS, (all you smarmy, jerky, petty, questioning bully types,.) just ignore my post. I do not kneed to know your ‘opinion’ on how I learn or what I ‘should’ do, or anything at all.


this place.

It just brings me to the top of a very long page that has nothing I understand,… (clicking video? Not sure what this means…)

HOW MUCH TO EDIT MY BP? I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN UP A LONG TIME AGO,. I can not go onto that page again i will SUICIDE.

Post number #16.…39#post1521539

Also, read your highly abusive message directed at me (the one you deleted). Took a screenshot.

ok,. I see that but like I said (and have for 7 months) looks like Heiroglyphs to me still.
I am learning slowly but need a little ACTUAL HELP now with an existing project.

I have asked for many months if someone is willing to help me edit my BP GREAT! Otherwise, … None of these things help me until I see it in MY Blueprint and start to test and understand WHAT DOES WHAT and WHY. Funny that to MAKE a game, I feel like I have to PLAY a silly game!

I have offered all I have to get help. CLEARLY No one is willing.

Must be interpretation, I am merely expressing frustration, at the 7 months of dealing with you disingenuous BULLIES… You only play MIND GAMES here, like you are playing with me right now tonight, saying there is a solution but it is a lie,. How my expressing FRUSTRATION with YOUR BULLYING is ‘abusive’ I have no idea, I consider your ‘ops attitude is the only problem’ comment to be abusive and to be BULLYING. You were never being helpful, you are playing games. BULLY. WHY THE VERY TOP LINE OF THIS PAGE IS YOU INSULTING ME AND QUESTIONING MY HONOUR!

If I tended towards abuse it would have come out before now whilst fighting you MEAN VICIOUS BULLDOGS for 7 months!

Regardless I don’t care if you use whatever twisted interpretation you have decided upon believing, If you get me kicked off here SO WHAT?!?!!? I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF HELP AT THIS FORUM ANYWAYS!!, Too many judgmental vicious types like you!

Realistically, all you’re really going to receive are hints and suggestions. It’s up to you to figure out where to go from there. In almost all cases, there are many different ways to achieve a solution. Some ways are better than others. Most people aren’t going to outright solve your problem for you and are going to think that you view them as tools if you keep this attitude up.