How to get Value of FrameNumber by GetCurrentTime from MovieSceneSequencePlayer

How can i get this in c++? Can somebody help?

Is this what you’re looking for?

UMovieSceneSequencePlayer* MovieSceneSequencePlayer;

Hi Seishoku,

yes it is, but in this way it is not possible and i don´t understand why. i got error:
[C2039] “GetTickCount” is no member of “UMovieSceneSequencePlayer”.

Then the issue is something else? You must be calling GetTickCount on UMovieSceneSequencePlayer. You should share a snippet of your code so it’s clear what and how you’re calling.

you can see the problem. Sequence is a instance of ULevelSequence with a the member SequencePlayer type of ULevelSequencePlayer. ULevelSequencePlayer inherites from UMovieSceneSequencePlayer. I don´t know what the problem is.

nobody has a idea?